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English Tutor - NYC

Offering tutoring in English Composition & Analysis

Grades: K - 12

Sessions: In-Person or Zoom

Rate: $70 hour




  • Graduate of NYU's Dramatic Writing

    • Studied under Pulitzer-Prize Winning & Shortlisted professors such as Kristoffer Diaz & Richard Wesley

    • Specialized Classes in James Joyce & Contemporary Playwrights among  others

  • AP Tutoring History

    • S​cored a 5 on AP English Test

    • Has offered AP Tutoring in Past

      • Will offer contacts of former students per request. ​

During these strenuous times, students across the country are faced with the additive hurdle of not only trying to engage with and learn their curriculum but doing it all online. I am happy to offer my services in aiding your child in English composition and analysis in a more personal and thorough one on one session, either in-house or zoom per your preference. 

As a graduate of NYU's Dramatic Writing Program, I am confident in the discipline of writing and experienced in offering helpful critiques that encourage better writing. 


During my time at school, I have studied under Pulitzer-Prize winning and shortlisted professors such as Kristoffer Diaz and Richard Wesley, and have taken a specialized study of some literature's greats such as James Joyce.

As a voracious reader, I am willing to go the extra mile and read any of the books your child is assigned to further help with their tutoring. I am happy to send a resume or any writing samples to any of those inquiring. Just send an email to the email listed at the top of the page!

Personal Info:

  • Born in Dublin, Ireland

  • Raised in Boston, MA and Burlingame, CA

  • Graduated from Burlingame High School

  • Moved to NYC in 2016 to study at NYU

  • Favorite Authors: J.D. Salinger, James Joyce, Karl Ove Knausgaard and Anne Carson


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